Tuesday, July 7, 2015

moving in.

Whew! What a hectic week it's been. Nathan and I moved in to our (!!) place last Saturday and it was exhausting.

My parents were able to come and help us move with their small trailer, which was more of a blessing than I could've imagined. The not-quite joke of the day was how exhausted that trailer was and what pros we were after the "month of moving" my family has endured. (Four complete family moves between my mom, grandma, great-grandma, and cousins will do a lot to you!)

We were able to get about 80% of our stuff in that day and Nathan finished his 20% the next day while I was out of town. We felt nothing but exhaustion as we sat on the floor for our picnic, enjoying the new chapter that had started in our lives.

As the week continued, we spent countless hours moving boxes, trying to keep our sanity, cleaning, and learning to live with each other. We may work well together as a couple, but we are still two completely different people! Nathan will never understand why I have so many coasters and I will never understand why I can't stack the pots and pans (because apparently they will scratch, he says).

But we are learning! And working hard... So far we've redone our patio, scrubbed out the kitchen cupboards and cleaned the hardware, scrubbed the bathroom floor, changed the drapes in the kitchen, and a whole page two of things already crossed off our checklist. Now if we could be that productive on wedding planning....

Before redoing the patio, but after 30 mins of weeding...

the (mostly!) finished after

A short funny about living together before I wrap this up? I woke up one morning last week to my phone ringing. I was waking from a dead sleep, so I naturally did not look at who was calling. I groggily said hello and heard Nathan reply back. It was odd to me that he was calling at 8:30 in the morning. "Where are you?" I asked him. "In the living room." Turns out, he had come into the bedroom at 8:25 to turn my phone from silent to loud, walked back to the living room, and called to wake me up. Nathan's reasoning? He knows I get cranky when I'm woken up and didn't want to deal with that. Sigh.. Such is a life together.

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