Saturday, May 30, 2015

you know you're old.

I've had many instances in life where I've realized that I was growing up. Moving to college, paying bills, getting insurance, you know, adult things. But nothing had prepared me for feeling old like watching my middle sister graduate. 

I remember the day this girl was born, and she has always been someone - whether we were cranky with each other or not - that I could count on. I didn't feel old when I realized it had been exactly four years to the day since I had graduated high school, or when I realized most of my classmates and I had changed in drastic ways. I realized the moment I looked at her, sitting in her cap and gown, thinking that she had the entire world in front of her, and that everything she was thinking in that moment was probably wrong. (Sorry Kit!) You get it girl, you've got it all in front of you, and great friends and family behind you guiding you, and alongside you. Love you! 

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