Friday, May 29, 2015

furniture finds: pink bathroom

Nathan and I found a place this last weekend and we're so excited!  We'll move at the end of June - it seems like so far away.  Neither of us wanted to move in until we were engaged, so it's a pretty exciting time for us.  (I know the engagement isn't up yet - expect a post with all the details soon!)

The house that we'll be renting is GORGEOUS.  A two bedroom from the 50s with an adorable patio, faux fireplace, large kitchen... Fantastic.  The only downside to something built in the 50s is that pink tile was a BIG thing then, meaning our kitchen has pink backsplash (which will hopefully be redone before we move in) and the bathroom is pink.  Head-to-toe pink.  Pink floors, pink tile on the wall, pink and white wallpaper, and pink appliances.  Not sure what's going to be done there, so Nathan and I are trying to figure out how to cope.

We're thinking something along the lines of brown with the pink.  Most of our bathroom stuff now is brown, so it'd be less things to buy if we can just use what we have.  Here are a few things we're brainstorming:

What do you think?  Have you run into any similar problems?

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