Thursday, May 28, 2015

psa: Hello.

This is a very important PSA that I promise will change your daily routine forever. Hello dental products are my new favorite thing in life.

I received two toothpastes, breath freshening spray, and a toothbrush in my #VoxBox from influenster last month and I couldn't be happier. I waited awhile to post anything on it because I wanted to get a real feel for how the toothpaste was in the long run. I can honestly say after a few weeks of consistent use, I'm never using anything else. 

The texture is a little creamier than most toothpastes, and it took a couple times to get used to that. It's made with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, triclosan or dyes - and I can actually tell. I'm usually the last one to notice the taste of artificial sweeteners, but I notice that this tastes different because it doesn't have any artificial sweeteners. Awesome, right?

I'm using mojito mint currently! (Yay Target prices too, haha)

While the toothpaste keeps my breath fresh almost all day long, sometimes I eat onions (not raw) or drink too much coffee (not black) and need to freshen up a bit. That's where the spray comes in - LOVE. One quick spray (two if you're particularly garlicky) and you're done. Magically fresh and delicious. 

So glad influenster and Hello let me try their products. I'm never going back, thanks guys! #choosefriendly

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