Saturday, May 31, 2014

dankbar designs.

Here it is guys.  I've been hinting for awhile at the project I've been working on - well, here it is.  Dankbar Designs is my new project.  Working with acrylics, canvases, ink, and paper, I'm working on bringing my love of typography to you.

It's been a lot of work - making designs, creating words, floating them past friends and family.  After making a housewarming gift that my sister requested, it truly catapulted and I decided now was the time.  You know I've been looking for a job, that I went through Cake for Breakfast, I did the Willpower Council last year with Molly Mahar from Stratejoy and loved it.  Each of those steps, the steps that have required me to dig deep and press uncomfortable buttons, has pushed me towards people, creation, and collaboration.  I want to work with you to put your words to paper, or to canvas.  I want to make things that speak from my heart, your heart, our collective heart that we put into it.  I am so grateful for all of you, my family, friends, future customers, past customers, and everyone in between.  I wouldn't be here without you; this is not only something I'm doing for myself, but it's for you, in a way.  Dankbar is German for "grateful", and putting that on everything I do, in front of me and my work, it's to thank everyone for getting me this far.

I can't wait to see what comes of this, so feel free to check out the Etsy shop, and please, please, like Dankbar Designs on Facebook!  I love you all, thank you!!

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